Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cheap Seats

"A Man to Avoid"
Ramon Galvan, Nick Da Silva

New Cheap Seats portrait: Ramon Galvan, A Man To Avoid. Performed and shot in Cape Town

Thanks to Dirk Hugo and Gareth "Danger" Jones for camera, audio recording mastering and film edit and inviting us to take part in this ongoing project.

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A little bit of publicity and background from Rollingstone SA website here

Several years ago an avant-garde rock band named Blackmilk was making a name for itself on the circuit in Cape Town – there was a period where the weird and interesting was appealing in that city; outfits like Benguela and sound artist James Webb were finding regular gigs at otherwise "commercial" nightspots... and drawing fair audiences.
Blackmilk frontman Ramon Galvan took some time off in the mid 2000s it is said, and all but disappeared from the playing schedule. OFF THE RECORD was made aware this week by producer and debatist DjF Head, however, that the singer/guitarist has in fact continued to work, producing at least one full album (that we know of) entitled Outer Tumbolia(2009).
In the video below, Galvan and long-time The Galvan Trio collaborator Nick da Silva execute the track "A Man to Avoid" live in a room at their home in Cape Town. As the aforementioned DjF Head put it: "one of the most underacknowledged talents in the land. Hopefully this footage goes some way towards rectifying that."

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