Sunday, January 13, 2013


Been looking for a clearer, cleaner version of this for years.

and some information to boot

Thank you internet!

Lifted directly from description body of second video)

Oh,kumushki*, be friends with each other 
Be friends with each other and love each other
And love me too
Go to green garden
And take me with you 
You'll gather flowers
Gather some for me too
You'll wreathe chaplets
Oh,wreathe one for me too

Go to the Danube river
And take me with you 
You'll sail your chaplets by water
And sail mine too
Your chaplets were sailing adrift
But mine has sunk...swam like a stone..swam like a stone
Your sweethearts have returned from war
But mine hasn't 
He doesn't come back, he doesn't write any letters
He's forgot about me...about me... 

* 'Kumushki' means lady friends, particularly those, who have exchanged their baptismal crosses for a week, in accordance with the old Russian custom,done soon after Easter Sunday

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