Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Rupture

The Rupture

When its cold and dark
I'll field forests
Twos cum in forests

When we're old and gnarled
I'll seek mountains
With wider passes
For turning round

Bitter cold
The first freight, nervous
And similar the ice-breaker

To break this blanket white
And sail on through the night
Or a sign for turning round

The Rupture

When we're young
We'll run circles 'til they come and fetch us
Or carve our names any place they let us
Disguising all our features given
Now I carve a path back home,
to whittle down my feathers
I'm embarressed:
Got a headdress full of daggers

What became of you?
Did you cum at all?
Did you learn to swim when you waded in?

I put these thoughts aside
I'm thankful for the ride
Until the time that we decide

The Rupture

And grey might be
The only shade on sunshine
I see graze the ground
And as grey silvers on,
I told you that I loved you and I never lied

The singer skipped a whole verse
A chasm super wide
A proper bridge would splinter
A banquet would be meager pickings

Did you honestly think you had to read between the lines?
There wasn't enough space to fit whats unsaid in a rhyme
So just be cool and focus on more pleasurable times
And only know I loved you and I never lied

Happy hunting...

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  1. This song is fantastic, it reaches into some recess of my consciousness that i didn't even know existed. I remember at the time we were rehearsing this song about 5 years ago, i was going through my first real breakup, this would always pop in to my head at the strangest times and be so incredibly comforting - there is a sense of resignation and nostalgia to it. I never even knew the words properly until now!